5-Hour Energy is a 58ml liquid energy shot that can help you feel sharp and alert for hours. It contains a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids and nutrients. It has zero sugar, zero herbal stimulants and only four calories.

What are the best times to take 5-Hour Energy?

The simple answer is “when you’re tired.” Why take an energy shot when you’re already wide awake? But just about everyone has that time of day when they start to feel run down.

Morning: Not a morning person? Let 5-Hour Energy help you get your act together. One 5-Hour Energy shot will get you going fast.
After Lunch: Research shows that over 70 percent of us hit the wall after lunch. Let 5-Hour Energy help you get over the wall and have a bright, alert afternoon.
Workouts: Looking for motivation to work out? Make 5-Hour Energy part of your active lifestyle.
Sports: Get your head in the zone and keep it there longer.
Travel: Do you drive for a living? Do you travel on business frequently? 5-Hour Energy can help you overcome travel fatigue and keep you alert behind the wheel. Drivers should still take regular breaks from driving. 5-Hour Energy is not a substitute for a good night’s sleep.
Weekends/Vacations: Action-packed weekends and vacations require a lot of energy. Whether you are painting the house, hiking in the woods, or playing on the beach, a 5-Hour Energy shot can give you the extra boost you need to maximize the fun.

Q: What is 5-Hour Energy made of?

5-Hour Energy contains a blend of B-vitamins and amino acids. It contains zero sugar, zero herbal stimulants, only four calories and just the right amount of caffeine.

Q: What are the advantages of 5-Hour Energy?

5-Hour Energy is different from canned energy drinks in several important ways:
Less time to drink: Since it’s a 58-millilitre energy shot, you can slam it down in seconds. You can feel it start working in minutes.
Small and Portable: You can carry a 5-Hour Energy shot with you wherever you go. It fits in your pocket, purse, desk, locker, car or backpack. Best of all you don’t have to waste time sipping on a carbonated energy drink. Just one quick sip and 5-Hour Energy is in your system and out of your hands.
No Refrigeration Required: 5-Hour Energy tastes fine at room temperature.

Q: How is 5-Hour Energy different from coffee?

Although 5-Hour Energy contains caffeine, there is a lot more going on with 5-Hour Energy than just caffeine. 5-Hour Energy contains significant amounts of B-vitamins, amino acids and nutrients – all designed to work together to help you feel bright and alert for hours. 5-Hour Energy makes an ideal replacement for the afternoon coffee break. It’s small and takes only seconds to drink so you can get back to work without carrying your coffee cup with you. 5-Hour Energy won’t stain your teeth like coffee can.

Q: How do I know if 5-Hour Energy is right for me?

Most people go through a sleepy, groggy time of day – usually in the afternoon. This is a great time to find out if 5-Hour Energy is right for you. Try it when you have a lot to do, but don’t feel up to the task. Start with just a half bottle. After a few minutes you’ll know whether that’s the right amount for you, or if you want to take the rest, or if 5-Hour Energy just isn’t right for you.

Q: Who should not take 5-Hour Energy?

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Children under 12 years of age.
  • People directed by a general practitioner to refrain from caffeine.
  • People diagnosed with phenylketonuria (PKU).

Q: I’m taking prescription medication. Can I take 5-Hour Energy?

If you have a medical condition and/or are taking any prescription medicine check with your physician prior to taking any food supplement, including 5-Hour Energy.

Q: My skin is hot and itchy. What is happening to me?

You are experiencing a niacin flush. Some people are sensitive to niacin (Vitamin B3). The flushing is a result of the niacin in 5-Hour Energy increasing blood flow near the skin. It will go away in a few minutes, and you may not experience a niacin flush again. To avoid a niacin flush drink half a bottle or less and save the rest for later.

Q: How many bottles of 5-Hour Energy can I take per day?

We recommend taking no more than two bottles per day. Be sure to space them several hours apart.

Other concerns?

  • Diabetics: 5-hour ENERGY® is sugar free. However, check with your doctor before taking 5-hour ENERGY® if you have concerns about how it may affect you.
  • There are no animal products added to 5-hour ENERGY®